Have You Figured Out Why No One Is Signing Up?

The 3 Reasons Why No One is Signing Up For Your Affiliate Program Or Business Opportunity

Are you having trouble getting people to sign up under you in an affiliate or network marketing opportunity?  Or worse, are you getting people to sign up, but they are the wrong people?

"All you have to do is get people to sign up under you and you earn money on every sale they make!  It's easy!"  Right?

Don't you love it how everyone is always telling you how "easy" it is to earn money by recruiting network marketers and affiliates?  Yeah/Right!

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that lie I would be one of those “rich and famous” people!

Recruiting is not easy.  Not at all.  You’ve probably already discovered that.

Sure, you could just go tell your friend or neighbor or some distant relative, right?

Wrong!  Why?  Because they don’t have the same vision as you have.  THEY are the wrong people to go to!

Network marketing and affiliate marketing is great, don't get me wrong.  In fact . . .

They may actually be the last way left that the average Joe can expect to escape the Rat Race ...

That is the real truth!

Never before has the average person been able to simply sign up, start promoting, and start earning money - all in minutes.  The Internet has really created some golden opportunities for average folks, and that's a great thing.

But you know what?  As great as it is, I'm really upset about something ...

I'm upset how some of the hucksters who get into this hype lie to people.  They play on your hopes and dreams and suck you for every penny you have, and then leave you out to dry once your pockets dry up.

Do you want to know the ultimate irony, though?  These guys who think they are going to get rich ripping people off and lying to sell their "opportunities" are not the ones making the big bucks.  In fact, these guys usually go broke and disappear.  Why?

Because you just don't make money recruiting people with lies and deception.

Yeah, you may sucker someone once or twice, but no more than that.

Networking yourself through affiliate programs needs to be done through the power of relationships.

You need to properly educate people and you need to treat them with respect.

If you bring someone in to your program who isn't in the right frame of mind, you're not just hurting them, but you are also hurting yourself.  If they are not ready they are just going to waste their time and yours.

And there's another reason why people are failing ...

The other major reason networkers are failing to recruit people into their opportunity is because they are not doing any form of proper pre-sorting.

Think about it.  If you had a room full of senior citizens would you try to sell them tickets to a Marilyn Manson concert?

Of course not!  And why not?

It's because senior citizens are not the proper target.  Of course they wouldn't have any interest in going to a concert that some young kids would call "loud and obnoxious."

You know what's funny, though?  We do this all the time when we try to recruit especially when we are new at recruiting.  Heck, we want and need prospects so badly, we’ll take anyone breathing.  Guess what!  You are just setting yourself up for disappointment due to unrealistic expectations.

We get these totally untargeted and unqualified "leads" and we give them all the same sales pitch.

We don't know who they are.  We don't know where they live.  We don’t know what they are interested in.  We don’t know if they are even cut out for what you have to offer, yet we are willing to waste our time on the wrong people?  Come on!  There’s a better way! 

Heck, we don't even know if they are even remotely mentally stable!

Yet, amazingly, we take the time to email these people or call these people up on the phone.  We email them and spend hours writing back and forth (usually it’s a one way conversation as many don’t even respond) only to find out that they are not even close to the kind of person we'd want in our downlines. 


And then we complain about how hard it is to recruit people!  We wonder why!

Do you want to know the biggest problem, though?

Do you really want to know ...

... the biggest ...

... and ugliest mistake of them all?

Here it is:

When we finally do have a good qualified prospect, are we honest with them?

Do we set them up with a realistic expectation of how much they can make?

Do we tell them the slow deliberate process required to actually make it in this business?

No ...

Instead, we fill them full of more lies about how they can become a millionaire in a year or even $90,000 in three months and they don’t even have to do anything to get it!  Yeah! Right!

We tell them they can quit their job in a month.

We tell them to pick out which color they want for their brand new Lamborghini.

And this has got to be the stupidest mistake of them all.  Why?

Because if we had just been honest and realistic with them, they would have stuck with us!

That's right.  They would have stuck with us and they would have made us a decent amount of money.

So, why don't we do this?

Why aren't we honest?  Why don't we pre-qualify?  Why don't we set realistic expectations?  Why don't we educate?

Well, it's easy ...

We don't do the right things because we don't know how ourselves!

What do you do then?

There wasn't really much you could do except learn through trial and error how to make these principles work.  You could only hope that you had a good "upline" who was really honest and was successful himself.  Good luck, though!  Your upline is probably just as green as you!

All that's about to change ...

What if there was an automated way to get good prospects every time?

What if instead of wasting your time talking to time wasters, you spent your time talking to people who were really serious about their success?  Suppose there is a way in which you would know who the right people are?

Let's take it a step further ...

What if, instead of talking to them at all ...

... all you had to do was ...

... have them discover for themselves if they are suitable for an Internet Business ...

... and let this awesome tool do the grunt work for you!

Think about it.

This tool would let people find out if they are cut out for their own Internet home business BEFORE they waste their time and money and before they waste yours as well.  If that isn’t enough, they are going to love and appreciate you for allowing them to find out their “potential success score” and guess what?  You will become the expert and you will become someone whom they see they can go to and trust!  That’s not all.  These prospects (your prospects) will get the proper education so they know how to enter your business primed for lasting success.

This program would pre-qualify your prospects for you so that you knew whether or not they were really an asset or a time waster, but do you know why they will love YOU?  Because YOU would be giving them something of value . . . FREE . . . .so they will know if they really are cut out for this Internet “stuff.”  Believe me!  You are going to make lots of new friends who will become business partners who will work with you because THEY want to . . . not only because you want them to.

This program would set the proper expectation in the mind of your prospect so they didn't come in with some foolish pipe dream of earning millions in the first month.  This program would give them the critical factors needed to be successful in an online business.

Just think!  A tool that provides people with truthful, honest, informative information and at the same time finds and identifies the prospects for you who YOU will want to have on your team.

How much would you pay for a tool like that?

$1,000?  Heck, it would really be worth more than that if you add up how much time it would save you and how much more money you'd be earning in your opportunity.

Before you answer that, though, here are some more details so you can make a better educated guess.

How would you like to know:

1.      How much desire/motivation/need your prospect has for wanting their own home-business?

2.      How much time your prospect has and is willing to put in to a home-business?

3.      How much money your prospect has to put into a home-business?

4.      How much knowledge and experience your prospect has regarding the home-business industry?

5.      How willing is your prospect to learn and be trained?

6.      How willing is your prospect to set goals for themselves?

7.      How persistent over time is your prospect willing to be?

8.      How does your prospect go about choosing a home-business to work?

9.      The type of home business your prospect is looking for.

10.  A listing of any present or previous types of home business your prospect has been involved in.

The above are critical factors that help determine how successful your prospect will be.  In fact, based on your prospect’s answers, this tool will give them (and you) their potential “success score” thus identifying to them AND you how qualified they are. 

Imagine your focusing in on those prospects that score 70% and above!  Imagine your excitement when you have a prospect that scores 90% or more!  You will want that person on your team and because you are providing something of value to them, they are more likely to listen to you as you make a new friend and form a new relationship.

The good news?  Such a tool does in fact exist.  It's available right now for you to use.  Your own personal website tool that can be up and running for you in minutes.  You could be using this tool to start turbo-charging your recruiting process in just minutes.  It’s called “The HomeBizQuiz”.

Go take a look at my HomeBizQuiz so you can see what it looks like.  Take the quiz yourself if you like.

Go to: http://homebizquiz.net


How It Works

Step 1.  Lead Your Prospect To Your Own HomeBizQuiz Website

Instead of spending time talking to your prospect over the phone and via email, simply invite them to help them find out if they are suitable to have their own Internet home business.  Tell them you will give them their own potential success score saving them time and money.  I’ll even give you ads and emails that will have them flocking to you just to find out.

After you purchase this incredibly simple yet powerful tool, I’ll give you the rights to brand this tool with your information, thus your own personal HomeBizQuiz as you automatically become a HBQ affiliate so you can earn commissions by introducing HBQ to others.

 But wait, it gets better ...

Step 2.  Your prospect takes the quiz and - pow! - you get their contact information ...

Immediately after they submit their completed quiz for scoring (scored immediately), you will receive a notification with their first name, last name, phone number, email address, country, and zip code AND all their answers to the quiz as well as their potential success score.

Why is this important?

Because your prospects are bombarded with literally hundreds of offers every single week.

If you don't follow up with them and ask how they felt about their score on the HBQ, they could fly away and be gone forever ...

Step 3.  Your prospect then gets the right education and the right expectation ...

Ensuring that your prospects are giving the right education and right expectation is not just a good idea.

It's everything!

HBQ will then provide your prospect with valuable business education by guiding them through the “FOUR CRITICAL STEPS” of:

1.      SUITABILITY for a home business

2.      How to EVALUATE a home business

3.      TAX benefits of a home business

4.      SELECTION of the “right home business for them

What’s neat?  It all comes from YOU.  YOU become the expert.  You have already started building a relationship with your new prospect.

You see, your prospects are now properly assessed, trained, motivated and pre-conditioned to hear from you.

Step 4.  Your prospects then pre-sort themselves and then they are introduced to the website YOU want to show them.

When you get your own HBQ, you will be able to program in (very easy) the website you want your prospect to see as you are communicating with them.  You’ll be able to do that within your own HBQ administration page.  It’s a great way to subtly let your prospect know what you are doing without doing a “power sale” too soon.

Step 5.  Your own evaluation of your prospects.

Information is then sent back to you so that you can evaluate the prospect to see if they are right for you.  The first thing you'll know is that they actually completed the HBQ and that should tell you a lot right there, but more than that, you’ll get all their information and their answers to the HBQ including their potential “success score.”  You'll know some intimate personal details about them as well, and you'll also know that they are hot and ready for you to email them and/or talk to them!

But here's where it gets really cool.

Think about this ...  You will now know how serious your prospects are just by looking at how they answer the questions to the quiz.

Do you see where I’m  going?

I’m  just scratching the surface with the possibilities here ...

I’ll even include a special quick-start guide for you to show you how to use this tool for the greatest effect  including possible ads and emails to use.

So, I have to ask you ...

How much would you pay now?

Here's what you get:

1.      Your own HomeBizQuiz – You will have the right to provide the HBQ to unlimited numbers of people.

2.      Becoming a HomeBizQuiz Affiliate – Earn commissions by referring others who want their own HBQ.  When your downline wants to use this tool (they’d be crazy not to), they will have to purchase their own HBQ.  The good news is you can refer them and you will earn commissions on two levels.

3.      Immediate notifications -  as your prospects submit their HBQ answers, you will get lots and lots of valuable information about your prospect along with their potential business success score.

4.      Valuable Education -  this goes out to your prospects on your behalf, thus beginning the process of developing new relationships.

5.      The Quick Start Guide - I won’t waste your time, so I’m not going to give you a thick user-manual filled with nonsense you’ll never read.  You’ll be up and running quickly!

How much would you pay now?

I’m talking about the hassle-free ability to educate, pre-condition, and pre-sort your prospects for you.

When you think about how much time you'll save, and how many more sign-ups you'll have (not to mention how much better those sign ups will be), and how much money that will mean to you ...

Would that be worth $897 to you?

Think about it, $897 for the ultimate time saving money generating tool for your affiliate program or network marketing business.

Is $897 too much to ask?

Don't answer yet ...

Even the prospects who don't sign up for your program will probably want this tool (I mean who would be stupid enough not to use it based on what it will do for them?) ...

This opens up a brand new income stream for you in itself.

That's right, you could earn money even when your prospects don't sign up for your program!

How much is it worth to you now?

Is it worth even more than $897?

OK, Let's Get Real ...

Even though this program is easily worth far more than $897 (like what some people are charging for a cardboard box full of so-called "secrets" that anyone with more sense than a box of rocks knows already anyway) ....

Even though this is not some course, but an actual tool that does things for you (rather than talk at you) ...

Even though I’m crazy to charge less than it's worth ...

Here's one fact we can't ignore ...

The fact is, you don't have $897 to spend on this tool, do you?

Don't worry - read on ...

If you've read this far, we know one thing about you: you're either a network marketer or an affiliate marketer.  You're not Bill Gates or Donald Trump.  Yeah, a few of you reading this are big-shot networkers who are raking in the dough and chances are you already have your credit card out ready to pay whatever we ask.

But the big-shots are rare.  This tool would do much more good in the hands of the little guy who really needs it.  It would be morally wrong for me to ask for so much money because I know they'd be out there putting up a second mortgage or maxing out their credit card to get it.

And it's not hard to understand why!

You've been looking for this tool for a long time, so of course it would make sense to take a calculated risk to get it.  We totally understand that.  It's a reasonable thought.

But even though I’m confident you'd make that investment back if you used it (it would take a fool to blow this), I don't know you, and I don't know if you'll actually have enough common sense to use this tool.

Sorry.  You may very well be someone who is smart enough to put this to use immediately, but I just can't know that.  So far you're just a pair of eyeballs ready to buy something, that's all I know.  Sorry!

So, this puts me in a tough situation ... I had to ask myself ...

How Could I Offer Such a Powerful Tool at a Price The Average Guy Can Afford?

(I know ... you may not be the average guy, but I have to price this for him.)

That's really a great question and one I pondered for a long time.

I finally came to the following realization:

The product is brain-dead easy to use ... so do I really need to offer "tech support?"

It would be stupid for me to hire a huge tech support department to handle something like this.  It just doesn't need it.

You purchase it, input your own information and it works.  Period.   In the off chance it doesn't, there wouldn't be much I could do anyway - I'd just refund your money.  I can provide the tech support myself.

Here's the compromise I found ...

I asked myself, "what if I provide the little needed tech support myself?

On the surface it seemed silly, but after thinking about it, it actually made a lot of sense.

I thought I'd just develop a ...

Hassle-Free Happy Customer Policy

"Since it's so easy to use this product, I’ll just offer a no-questions-asked refund policy instead of burdening the customer with the higher price required to properly fund a tech support department.  If for some odd reason it doesn't work, or if someone is unsatisfied for any reason, I'll just refund their entire purchase - no questions asked within 10 days of purchase.

No haggling back and forth with tech support while they try to convince you that the product works while it doesn't.

No annoying delays waiting for answers that don't fix your problem.

Got a problem?  Any problem?  You'll just get a refund within ten days of your purchase.

Isn't that refreshing?  You basically have ten days to try your own HBQ out and if you don’t like it, you simply ask for a 100% refund, no questions asked.

There is no arguing - there is no bickering - you will get a refund whether I  like it or not!

OK, so what do you think I’m going to ask for you to pay now?

Now that you know I’ve cut down the price considerably from the $897 price tag because of the "no tech support + hassle free refund policy" what do you think it would be worth?

Would you pay $297?

Wouldn't it be worth at least $397?

Nope ... that's not what you'll pay.

You'll pay only ...

$59.95 Yearly


The HomeBizQuiz Prospecting Tool

That’s 365 days a year, 24 hours a day that the HomeBizQuiz Prospecting Tool will work for you. 

 Click Here Now to get your own HBQ Prospecting Tool 


Lon Lindsey

HBQ Developer